My interX story

I would like to start this my first blog by telling you my story and why I came to try Interx therapy…

When I was in my early 20’s I ended up in A &E with my lower back in spasm, and it happened simply by getting out of a car.. following this I had 6 weeks of work and was in agony.

This was the beginning of a long pain journey, the lower back was bad with on and off spasms for the next 15 years, but it was in my late 30’s that it became more of a constant disabling pain.

I spent the next  few years trying everything… I must have spent thousands of pounds, trying massage,  chiropractic, physio , Osteopaths and nothing worked long term.  I would get some instant relief or relief for a few days and then the pain would be back…  Eventually I had an MRI and they told me I had arthritis of the back and bone degeneration of a 65 year old at 35 years of age! It was depressing and it got to the point I spent 2 years on a cocktail of cocodamol, diclafenic and diazepam.. for when the spasms started.

My lowest point was being unable to drive for longer than about 40 mins, and being given a rubber ring to sit on as the pain in my coccyx was too much.  I remember going to business meeting and on the train to London, with a rubber ring to sit on.

I did become depressed at the idea of “this was me”, in pain most of the time and sometimes it was so sharp that I would feel sick and faint.  The NHS did everything and the best help was regular acupuncture, but the problem was a long term one.

By luck I got introduced to Dr Zulia Frost who has a very busy pain clinic in Cheltenham and she introduced me to InterX therapy.  I had a few sessions perhaps around half a dozen and the pain was less frequent, and less painful.  After about 3 months of regular treatments the pain was nearly gone – from about 80% always there to about 20%… she persuaded me to buy a home device for maintenance and that was it… after a few months I was totally pain free.

I have now been totally pain free for about 12-13 years.  InterX really does work so glad I found it, so much so that now a few years later I became a practitioner ,and Dr Zulia was my teacher and Mentor.   It is so good to be pain free.

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