InterX Cited in Danny Cipriani Ankle Recovery

In May 2008, the rugby world watched in dismay as Wasps and England star Danny Cipriani suffered a horrific fracture and dislocation of his right ankle in a game against Bath. As he was stretchered off the pitch and the replay of the injury was watched over and over again, fans and coaches agreed it would be a long road to recovery for Danny.

However, just four months and 13 days later, Danny started as fly half in the game against Bath six weeks ahead of schedule. “Quite incredible” is how one executive at Wasps described Danny’s early comeback. His rehabilitation program took dedication and the support and careful management of his recovery by the Wasps medical team. This program included InterX, the latest in advanced rehabilitation technology used by sports professionals around the world.

The clinically proven effects of InterX treatment in reducing pain and inflammation help to facilitate a quicker return to active rehabilitation and training. “I used my InterX device pretty much from day one,” said Danny. “My number one priority was to get back in the game as
soon as possible and it helped me to do exactly that.”

This is not the first time that InterX has played its part in the game. In the 2007 World Cup, England Senior Physio Phil Pask spoke of how treatment with InterX, together with other manual therapy techniques, helped to speed up Jason Robinson’s recovery from a grade 2
hamstring tear, enabling him to play in the World Cup Quarter Final just 23 days after his injury.

At the Wasps home ground, the players are familiar with InterX. “We are committed to providing our guys with the very best in  rehabilitation,” says Prav Methema, Wasps Physio. “InterX is an important part of that program and has provided excellent results across a range of injuries. If we can get players in less pain and with less inflammation then their active rehabilitation will be faster and more effective. InterX gives us those options.”

Company Statement

Neuro Resource Group (NRG) specializes in the development, design and manufacture of innovative medical products for the treatment of acute and chronic injury, rehabilitation, and pain management. The Company’s management team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and is committed to providing products and developing training materials and protocols that help to improve the quality of patients’ lives and enhance athletic performance.

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